Memorable Content, Masterful Results

Reach your audience with memorable, strategic business copywriting, nonprofit communications, marketing content, and authorship. Our editorial services make it simple, practical, and satisfying to connect with your clients, donors, and readers.


We help businesses, nonprofits, and individual authors develop heart-filled, attention-grabbing messages that stand out in a crowded market. We make sure every word says what you want it to say. You get compelling content that moves people to action and drives results. And because of it, you can pursue success with your business, your books, your speaking engagements — the things you love most and do best.

Writing & Communications

Bring your marketing message to life with inviting, actionable content that sounds just like you — only better because you have our expert communicators doing the hard work for you.

Editing & Proofreading

Ensure your marketing content, donor communications, articles, and books are precision-tuned so they’re on-message, clear, accurate, and easily understood.

Content Development Strategy

Need an editorial calendar, lead-generator, or email campaign — but don’t know where to begin or what to do next? We’ll devise a clear plan that helps you reach your goals with ease.

Book & Author Coaching

Is your dream book stuck in your head instead of on paper? We’ll help you hone your ideas, develop a writing plan, and stay focused as you move from concept to a real book in print.


B2B and B2C Content

A strong marketing message makes your business stand out. Let us create value-added web content that builds relationships, increases web traffic, and drives sales. Past and present clients include global and national companies, marketing agencies, web designers, educators, lifestyle magazines, trade magazines, and others.

NONPROFIT Communication

Donors want heartfelt, authentic communication from the nonprofit organizations they support. With nearly 20 years of experience in direct mail, fundraising, and assisting nonprofit organizations, we’ll help you connect with your donors through web, print, social media, and radio/video.

Communication strategy

Looking to level up your approach to big-picture content and strategic communications? We’ll work with you come up with fresh, creative content ideas built around your unique messaging. We’ll even help you figure out your unique message — and how to communicate it memorably to attract your ideal audience.


Whether you’re a first-time author or an old pro, using an experienced editor/coach can streamline the writing process and get you to the finish line with a book you’re proud of. We provide coaching, developmental editing, marketing blurbs and more to help you share your dream book with your audience. 



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